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Our services - to magic away your household chores

My Secret Fairy works magic on your home. We deliver quality housekeeping and cleaning services like no other. We set the standard, because your time and home are precious. And we all know a clean and tidy home is a happy home.

Because your time and home are precious

Trustworthy, professional and personal

The great attention to detail in all that we do and our trustworthy and professional approach takes away the stress and strain of household chores.

We deliver the service that you want to your (and our) exacting standards.

We are DBS checked and the security and care of your property is paramount. We also ensure the use of eco-friendly products.
Put all that service and attention to detail together and you can see why we are the happy home specialists!

Regular Cleaning

We can clean your home as often as you would like

Regular cleaning

Our services are available daily, twice- weekly, weekly, fortnightly, three-weekly or monthly.
We can adapt your home clean to suit your own personal requirements.

Perhaps you have particular  priorities such as bathrooms or kitchens, windows or shutters,
full or part-home cleaning?

We would be happy to provide a service especially for you.
In every home we tidy and organise as we clean.

Heavy duty cleaning

Our dedicated team delivers end of tenancy cleaning, moving-out cleaning, moving-in
cleaning, deep cleaning, spring cleaning and other intensive cleaning services.

We all, from time to time, just need a more detailed cleaning approach.

From small to large projects we can guarantee your home will look and feel like new once we have
completed our work.

Heavy duty cleaning

‘end of tenancy cleans’ etc

Builders’ clean and ‘Sparkle’ Clean

Relax and enjoy your newly completed renovation

Builders’ clean and ‘sparkle’ clean

Once the builders have finished their work, we can give your home the clean it deserves and needs, to allow you to relax and enjoy your newly completed renovation.

We can adapt to your schedule as we know how things sometimes change at short notice.

Holiday clean

Ever wished that your home had been cleaned for your return home from your holidays?

We will clean your home the day before your get back from your break, leaving you to unpack and adjust without the added stress of household chores. Remember, we can also do your holiday laundry; it’s all part of our magical service.

We always make sure you have those essentials in your fridge on your return too. Garden and flower watering while you are away can also be added to this service.

Holiday clean

Clean Home for your return home from your holidays

Special occasion

Enjoy your special occasion without the cleaning stress

Before and After Party cleans

Having a party, getting married and having the family to stay, inviting friends and family to stay at your home for that special occasion?

We provide a complete cleaning service tailored to your own requirements and can visit before and after your event.

Selling your home?

Our service ensures that your home is looking pristine and at its very best for those all important viewings. We’re able to respond at short notice too, taking the stress out of last minute viewings.

Selling your home?

Looking its very best for those all- important viewings

Extra clean services

A total cleaning solution

Extra clean services

We provide a total cleaning solution for people with weak immune systems, providing a cleaner living environment that helps with their health and well-being.

Ironing services

Taking the strain out of what can be a chore after a long day. Our trustworthy and dedicated professionals deliver an ironing service that is second to none, giving you more time to enjoy the things you love. We can collect and deliver or provide ironing at your home and put all items away for you.

Ironing services

An ironing service that is second to none

Laundry services

Take the strain out of your busy household

Laundry services

Another quality and reliable service, designed to take the strain out of your busy household. We can collect and deliver at a time convenient to you.

Shutter and venetian blind cleaning

Love your shutters/blinds but really struggle to keep on top of the dusting? We’d love to take away this chore and keep your shutters/blinds dust free.

Shutter and Venetian Blind cleaning

keep your shutters/blinds dust free

Post-hospital cleaning and support

We can also collect your groceries, pay bills

Post-hospital cleaning and support

We know all too well how difficult it can be keeping up with the housework after being in hospital. We can provide post-hospital cleaning for as long it takes for you or a loved one to get back onto your feet. We can also collect your groceries, pay bills etc. if required.

Do you want to become your own boss?

A My Secret Fairy franchise gives you the chance to shape and own your future.

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