Regular house cleaning can get rid of many allergy triggers and help relieve your symptoms.

Here are some ways to keep your house clean and your allergies under control.

Vacuum once or twice a week. Make sure your vacuum has a HEPA filter. Some allergens are so small that they pass right through a regular vacuum filter. That means that every time you vacuum, you could be sucking them off the floor and shooting them into the air, where you breathe them in.

De-clutter. Piles of boxes or clothing can trap dust and hide allergens like dust mites the most common household allergen.

Wear a mask when you clean. And when you’re done with your housework, leave the house for a few hours. It will limit your exposure to allergens that are in the air after cleaning.

Keep the bathroom free of mold. Scrub the tiles regularly. Don’t forget the shower curtain, too. You may be able to wash it in the washing machine on a monthly basis.

Wash bed linen regularly. Make sure they are washed at least at 60 degrees. That’s hot enough to kill dust mites. If your child has allergies, do the same with any washable stuffed animals. Put any non-washable stuff toys in the freezer every couple of weeks to kill living dust mites.

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